Sunday, 18 January 2015

I'm Baaack!

Hello! *waves emphatically*

I would say Happy New Year, but the novelty of 2015 has worn off, so...

According to my blog stats, the last time I posted an update was Sunday, July 20th, 2014, approximately 5 months and 29 days ago. Looking back a lot has happened in that time, and the phrase, time waits for no one has new meaning.

After months of worry and a blog post or two, I was accepted to and started my Masters in Creative Writing. I celebrated the Quarter Century of birthdays last October.

I became heavily involved in Rotaract, and helped plan and execute a three day training seminar in November with the members of my club. I started working at UWI again, and bought a bed with my first month’s salary.

I tasted Carib for the first time, and declared Carib Pilsner and Coors Light my beers of choice. In fact, there was a lot of drinking...

Shonda took over Thursday nights on ABC, which became known as Shonda Thursdays (read, Bacchanal Thursdays) and spawned #TGIT. Then, there were the awesome TV shows that premiered, from How To Get Away With Murder (Viola Davis is a goddess!) to Empire (Cookie is everything!) to Jane The Virgin (yay, Gina and The CW on the Golden Globe win!). 

I gave in to Netflix and went through all ten seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, the last four seasons of Charmed in a week and three days, and started watching Orange Is The New Black. I also discovered the Amazon Kindle App, and have taken to buying books like a mad man. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. People died. Babies were born. Israel and Palestine happened. Ice was dumped on people’s head all over the world, and most people still don’t know what ALS is. I mean, I only decided to Google the term after watching the pilot for Empire, way after the Ice Bucket Challenge took over social media (who says TV can’t be educational?) Oil prices dropped. Kamla forgot her glasses and showed that, on the hot mess spectrum, she reads a “Big, Ole Mess!”

My second semester as a Masters student begins tomorrow, I still have no grades, and Carnival is in full swing. So yeah, a lot has happened...

You know what didn’t happen? I didn’t write shit that wasn’t obligatory; I had to write the three essays for Cultural Studies, the short story for my writing course, and the newsletters and club reports. None of it was done for me or my craft or my sanity. And it’s no one’s fault but my own. Instead of bemoaning the fact, like I have done for the past few months, I’m doing something.

And here I am now, updating my blog. I think of it as a revamp of sorts. As the “How to revamp your blog after a lengthy unexpected hiatus” articles suggested, I’ve taken to changing some aspects of the design.

There’s a new background and header (I have to change the image of the guy at the type writer, since it might be copyright infringement... I’ll just leave the source- better safe than sorry). I’ll be adding some widgets and pages as well, once I do, I’ll let you know in the posts that follow, kind of a “What’s New on Garvin’s World” blurb (I really enjoy that word).

But, that’s just window dressing, there must be content. Coming in from a hiatus, I was advised not to apologize or go into lengthy details, but to simply write and update my friggin’ blog. Duh!

That’s what I’m going to do. Welcome to Garvin’s World 2.0. Let’s go!

Until the next post...

Blog Post After-Thoughts:

1) Is it me or did I use the word “just” a lot?

2) I watch a lot of television. I wish that I could work in television as a writer. I should Google that.