Sunday, 20 May 2012


Yep, that's the truth!

After nine months of abandoning my glorious blog/ creative outlet, I'm back and ready to re-vamp Garvin's World. It has been a trying, stressful, tiring, paper filled past few months. Thank you very much UWI, St. Augustine! After misleading information from former, final year students about Year Three being a breeze- Curse you!-, I was labouring under the delusion that final year would have been my BEST year at UWI. These past two semesters were the WORSE in my opinion especially when it came to time management on my part, and I had no time to blog because all my writing energy was channeled into my thesis. The good news is that the semester is FINALLY over, I can FINALLY devote more time to Garvin's World, and I have a different outlook on how I want to approach this facet of my life. Before talking- well, writing- about my blog plans, I think it appropriate to clue you all into what's been happening since October 2011.

Thesis: HUMN 3099- The Caribbean Studies Project had been a big part of my life since October but, more so during the early months of 2012. The project is actually a 8000 word thesis on a topic of your choosing; it must be impeccably written, and presented in accordance with the MLA or Modern Language ASSociation. The project is designed to help you hone in on your research skills, and stamp your name in the annals of history. What really happens is that the thesis invades every aspect of your life like a disease, and most times, your thesis ends up in West Indiana, collecting dust.

Entitled, "A Place for Women?- The Evolution of the Roles of the Female in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service 1955-2011", my thesis studied- 1) the changes in the roles that women have played in the TTPS since being recruited for the first time in 1955 to 2011, 2) the factors that brought about the changes, 3) how their roles affect/ have affected their status in the police service and the challenges they face/ faced, and 4) possibilities for further change. Wow, in my humble opinion, it sounds impressive! I can honestly say that I was interested in doing research on the topic and presenting my findings. I think being passionate about your topic is the first step in doing a successful thesis because when you start to feel overwhelmed- and, you DO- it's your passion for the topic that  keeps you going. That, or the fact that HUMN 3099 is worth six credits! Perhaps, I'll do another blog on the ups and downs of finishing a thesis. Until then, let this suffice.

I'm trying to think about what else happened that deserves mention in this blog post but, I got nothin'! So, moving on...

As I said earlier, I want to dedicate more time to really develop Garvin's World. Who knows? Maybe, one day this blog will make me famous. Delusions of grandeur? Nope, not at all! I think this post-UWI stage of my life should provide some interesting topics to write about. I mean, I'm about to officially enter the world of work with no plans of going back to school until September 2013- provided that the world doesn't end. But I don't only want to write about my adventures, I want to give my opinion on issues. Also, I've been doing a lot of soul searching recently, uncovering my flaws, and having grand discussions with myself. Basically, I'm trying to include more content as opposed to the one note blog posts about iguanas and security guards and maxi taxis. I know that writing about such things have become sort of my signature so don't worry, there will be posts like those mixed in with the new content. As usual, I'll try not to be funny which works well for me.

Here's to the return of Garvin's World, I hope you guys are excited because I am. The world revolves around me so whatever I feel, you guys HAVE TO feel it too. Jus' kiddin'! Well, not really...