The Garvin Behind The World

Welcome to Garvin's World! 

I'm Garvin, and this here's my little corner of the world-wide web. The blog chronicles the happenings all around me from my own perspective that melds sarcasm, incredulity, sass, honesty, and inappropriate humour.

I'm 25 years old. I hail from Sangre Grande, a small town in East Trinidad. I'm pursuing the Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing- Fiction at The UWI, St. Augustine. I, also, work part-time on campus as a Research Assistant.

I'm an Aspiring Writer. I'm a Rotaractor with RC Sangre Grande. I'm a Culture Lover, and dream of travelling the world.

Languages: English, Trinidadian Creole, Spanish, and Sarcasm.

Fun Facts: 

  • I don't like going to beach... Yes, I live on an island.
  • I am Florence + the Machine's biggest fan in T&T. Like, I'll consider buying their music and attending one of their concerts at one of those international festivals. 
  • Vegetables are of the Devil! I do not partake in such evils. 
  • I'm still fuming over the untimely cancellation of the TV series, Ghost Whisperer and Brothers & Sisters
  • Pharrell is my spirit-animal. At least, I really want him to be. 
  • I stalk people on Instagram. No harm, no foul....