Monday, 30 July 2012

What Are You Wearing?


 Mi tell dem man is not an issue cause mi pum pum tun up
Head ah mash up, because mi pum pum tun up
A yah so good, so him nuh miss you cause mi pum pum tun up
Pum pum tun up, mi sah mi pum pum tun up

After four days in the apartment, I went downtown today for the first time to organize my cédula extranjería or ID card, for you non-Spanish speakers. It was a long process that involved walking around, taking photos, getting fingerprinted, and talking with the guy who was in charge of the whole process about what Trinidad and Tobago had to offer. Amidst all the black ink, flying spittle, and walking around, I had the opportunity to do what I do best, that is, maco. What particularly stood out to me was the way in which the majority of women tend to dress in Neiva. Some looked as though they were going clubbing on a Monday, while others seemed to be advertising to men everywhere that the pum pum tun up.

Imagine in a big, government office, a female employee dressed in a leopard-print jumpsuit with cut out shoulders, and white wedged heels with matching leopard scrunchie and earrings. Meanwhile, her colleague is wearing a pencil pants, a lingerie-esque top with a lace back, and six inch purple and red pumps, taking photos with the cleaning lady who she happens to know from school. The trend continued throughout the city, as the majority of young, "professional" women appeared ready for a long night of dancing, or dinner with an oil rich, old man. These women came across as very inappropriate and unprofessional in my humblest of opinions. I mean, I cannot begin to take you seriously if your big breasts are in my face, especially if they are being held down by leopard cloth. How tacky!
Then, there were the “Delilahs” and “Silvias” who looked downright loose in their tight jeans, spaghetti strap tops, pum pum shorts or short skirts, straddling motorcycles and scooters. I suppose that for the normal, red blooded, tusty male- the sight of so many scantily clad women, riding motorcycles is a turn on, no matter how big their bellies are or how black between their legs are or how sweaty/ dusty they look! To me, they come across as being very easy, lacking class and self-respect. I mean, they leave nothing to the imagination! Maybe, I´m a prude, or really old fashioned?

Overall, this may all be cultural and I´m going to have to get accustomed. It´s not like Trinidad is lacking its share of inappropriately, sluttily dressed young ladies. Just visit some Ministry offices on South Quay, or spend an hour in City Gate. Better yet, go to UWI! You´ll see it all!

Until the next post… Chao!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Pet Peeves Are All Around Us- Dressing for the World of Work


Pet peeves are those actions, objects, or people that we find particularly annoying. They are individualistic, meaning that, what annoys one person, may not annoy someone else. I have a lot of pet peeves which means that I end up pissed off during the day for extended periods of time. As I am now a part of the world of work, I've been exposed to a new set of pet peeves that revolve around the way some men dress. Here goes...

1) Book-bags with work attire

I don't even know where to begin with this one. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SCHOOL! THERE IS NO NEED FOR A BACK PACK! Nothing gets me more upset than seeing men, young and old, in their nice suits, or long-sleeved shirts in pants with a nice shoe, and a BIG, BOOK BAG on their back. It looks so unprofessional! What irks me even more is the fact that to them, "they in style", and they have "swag" so, they bounce like fools, grinning from ear to ear. Oh, and is better fete if is ah JanSport! Furthermore, once you take off the bag, that area of your shirt looks so untidy, and if he happens to be a person who sweats a lot, you see those unsightly wet spots. Oh geed! Why not get a nice bag that you can sling on one shoulder? JanSport sells those! Or perhaps, a nice pouch or something. Just get rid off the book bag!

2) Black Pants, White Socks

Unless you are MICHEAL JACKSON, THAT ^^^ does not work, AT ALL! It annoys me that you think it does. I've said enough. 

3) Pant Seams That Go Way Up in the Back


You guys will have to use your imagination, but I have a feeling you know exactly what I'm talking about. Some guys feel the need to carry the seam at the back of their pants all the way to the center loop. It looks like you have a big "A" stamped on your ass, which is fitting since you look like an ass, or an arrow pointing toward God knows what. I applaud your neatness and attention to detail, but it looks ridiculous and it irritates me. It looks better if the seam at the back stops right under your butt cheeks. Jus' sayin'!

4) Shoes and Belt Don't Match

Black belt, black shoes... Brown belt, brown shoes. Got it?!? Good!

So yeah... stop annoying me! Ah gone!