Friday, 13 March 2015

A Letter To Rotaract

Reshma's collage makes another appearance

#21 Katwaroo Trace
Ojoe Road
Sangre Grande
Friday, March 13th, 2015
Dearest Rotaract,

Happy Birthday to you! 47 never looked so good. When I think of your humble beginnings in 1968 in North Carolina, and how much you’ve impacted the lives of your members and Communities around the world since, I smile.

I remember the exact moment you came into my life. I was suffering from abject boredom and lacking purpose. Jobless and without a social life, I had just returned from my 11-month sojourn to Colombia. The thrill of living-eating-speaking-dancing-breathing Latin American culture had dried out and morphed into a monotonous cycle of sleep-eat-surf Facebook-watch TV-repeat.

So, your intervention into my life on that rainy Wednesday afternoon was timely. I saw the Facebook post from The Rotaract Club of Sangre Grande Central, asking interested persons to attend a meeting, and I decided to attend with my awkward energy, barely concealed crazy and questionable sense of humour in tow.

There I found a group of young people. Some I already knew, like the girl that was in choir with me in Secondary School, the girl from Little Hardware, and the guy that was my best friend in Primary School. Everyone was very welcoming. It was clear that they were passionate about you. They were detailed in their description of what you’re all about.

So, although my introduction to the others made me seem like I was unaccustomed to being around people, I returned home excited about the future.

A year and some months later, the mission to end the boredom has become a Passion for You, Rotaract.

I look forward to all activities in your avenues of service. Visiting the Children’s July/August Vacation Camp in Sans Souci; Necessary Paperwork Sessions; distributing Christmas hampers; donating to the End Polio Fund; attending Conference, RYLA and other training seminars; random Friday night outings with my fellow members.

I would like to thank you.

Thank you for the camaraderie of your members. I have found new friends. Correction: an extended family. Sure, we have our disagreements and personality traits that irk each other, but the love and support is there. They have accepted me, and I, them. Our WhatsApp group is the best one out there. Outside of my club, I’ve met some great souls too.

Thank you for your motto, Service Above Self. It has changed my approach to life. It’s not always about me. Sometimes, I need to put my ego aside and do the good work without expecting anything in return.

Thank you for the opportunities for growth. I’m talking about Conference, hosting District Leadership Training 2014 and attending RYLA 2015.

Thank you for the much needed sense of belonging. I’ve come to appreciate two things about you: 1) anyone can be a Rotaractor, and 2) there is something to be said about being a part of something that’s so much bigger than yourself.

Thank you for the opportunities to network and share in cultures. 

Thank you for the epic theme parties and limes. There is no doubt in my mind that your members always go full 100.

Overall, thank you for giving me a Purpose.

Tomorrow, my club members and I will celebrate your birthday with a Health Clinic and Membership Drive in Sangre Grande. We hope to encourage others to join our mission to change lives and be exceptional.

Happy Birthday and love abounds.

Just a few moments captured in photos :)

Yours in Service,

Garvin Tafari Parsons
International Service Director
Vice President (Elect)
Rotaract Club of Sangre Grande Central