Sunday, 20 October 2013

I Dislike Miley Cyrus, But...

... She can teach me a thing or two.

Nine out of ten times, I’m an optimist. I usually try to put a positive spin on things by, for example, finding the one redeeming quality in a person and focusing on that, rather than being a hater. Sadly, there are those “one” moments when I can become a real pessimistic, self righteous, sarcastic, judgmental, hasty, hater-bitch. I can get REALLY mean and nasty; oft times, I just delete people from Facebook. Shado from Arrow had a point when she explained to Oliver that we all have two sides, light and dark, a yin and a yang.

Today’s post puts this balance to use. I’m going to attempt to write something good and positive about Miley Cyrus. I’m sure that my optimistic side can find something if I were to try really hard. Of course, before that can happen, my bad side needs to rant a bit, like for three paragraphs. Enjoy reading what they both have to write.


Guess what? Part of me detests the New Miley Cyrus. Everything she does lately seems to be over the top. It’s like she tries TOO hard to be sexy and/or ratchet in her valiant, albeit slutty, attempt to separate herself from her squeaky clean “Hannah Montana, Disney Child Star” past. So, she walks around and dances onstage half-naked, licks hammers in videos, and acts like she’s THAT bitch *snaps fingers*. To me, it comes off as contrived and desperate and disgusting, and it gets old quickly. 

As a result, her antics have become particularly annoying with a capital A. First, there’s the incessant twerking; from onstage at that guy’s concert to her now, infamous performance at the VMAs. Then again, I don’t even know if what she does can be considered as twerking, especially after seeing Rihanna’s tasteless video for “Pour It Up”. She made Miley look like a country bumpkin with no ass who simply bends over, wiggles her backbone, and thinks that she’s twerking. Although I thought that this phase in her development would end when her hair eventually grew back, she seems to have had enough, for now.

Then, there was the whole “tongue out of her mouth” thing. For the life of me, I couldn’t (still can’t) fathom why someone would think that sticking their tongue out all the time is flattering, especially when that tongue is all white and dirty looking. In a recent interview on the Ellen Show, she explained that she feels awkward when posing, (sic) like a normal celebrity, so she chooses to stick her tongue out. That totally makes sense, Miley, and Garvin’s World thanks you for that illuminating piece of information. Check out an interesting take on Miley's tongue here.

Still very disgusting... (Source)
So, what of the good? Let me think... hmm... I got a pocket; got a pocketful of sunshine... ahm, focus... Miley can actually sing? Yep, that’s it! I’ve listened to her live performances, and most times, she does a good job. Plus, most of her songs are good. For example, I like the message behind "Wrecking Ball", but the general nekkidness on display is a turn off. I also like that her voice is very distinctive, and polarising; you either love it or hate it, which brings me to my next point.

There are those who absolutely adore this girl and think that there’s nothing wrong with what she’s doing. Then, there are others who are offended and/or disgusted by her showboating. And what does Miley do in the face of all the criticism and open letters? She continues being herself, which I think is somewhat admirable. (Sidebar: her making fun of people with mental illness is not!) Personally, I can be more thick-skinned and not let what people say/think affect me, while being respectful, at the same time. Like, she says: “Only God can judge ya, forget the haters, cause somebody loves ya”.

After watching her “documentary” on MTV, I’ve realised that Miley knows EXACTLY what she’s doing, and it seems to be working well for her. So, you go girl! Maybe, I should put as much energy as she does into realising my dreams? Nah, I’m doing just fine!

Until the next post!