Friday, 11 October 2013

Yep, I'm Getting Older!

“Happy birthday to you too,” I smiled. “How does it feel to be eighteen?”
“Pretty much exactly the same as seventeen,” Rhys laughed. “Do you feel any older?”
“No, not really,” I admitted.
“Oh, come on,” Matt said. “You’ve matured so much in the past six months. I can hardly even recognize you anymore.”

- Ascend, The Trylle Trilogy- Book Three by Amanda Hocking.

Hey, folks! As you may or may not know, I celebrated my 24th birthday a week ago. Mostly, it was a day of reflection that focused on my growing up and what it all means. For some reason, although the physical signs are mostly there, I don’t feel any older. In reflecting, I realised several things, for examples: 
  1. I have more responsibilities that don’t revolve around doing chores and homework.
  2. More so, I am responsible for my actions and the consequences of those actions.
  3. I find myself thinking about my future, and ensuring that the decisions I make today facilitate it.
  4. I have to work; gone are the days of Mummy and Daddy providing my every need. I mean, I have to buy my own deodorant.
  5. On those rare occasions that I go out, I no longer have to/ feel obligated to tell my family where I’m going. I do so because I want to.
  6. Life is happening to the people around me; from past classmates getting married and/or pregnant (not exactly in that order) to baby cousins writing CAPE and entering UWI. It makes me realise that life is happening to me too, although I don’t see it.
  7. For me, the fact that I’m trusted to look after people’s children speaks volumes to my level of maturity.
  8. Speaking of which, I feel like I have matured. When I think back on Secondary School Garvin, and even, UWI Garvin, the change in attitude and perspective is astounding.
  9. My family, friends and acquaintances have commented on my more mature look.
  10. I find myself annoyed by and complaining about the antics of today’s youth. This is usually followed by a story or two about how things were when I was younger.
  11. Oftentimes, I ponder my own mortality. 
  12. I now use sayings and/ or phrases that I used to associate with older, more experienced people. For example, “All skin teeth eh grin”, “If is not one thing is the next”, “Do so doh like so”, “Tomorrow, please God”, “Look how big you get!” (I used to hate when people told me this), and “We went to school together”. 
So, all signs seem to point to the fact that I am growing older. In arriving at that conclusion, I’ve decided to embrace adulthood in this, the 24th year of my life. I’m still not sure what there is to embrace, but I’ll start with the responsibility, maturity, wisdom and independence that come with age. Meanwhile, I’ll figure out the rest as I go along. Wish me luck!

Until the next post!