Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hello, September!

Yep, what the photo said! 

After a two week blogging hiatus (not that anyone noticed), I'm back. I was a bit down and uninspired, so instead of writing and posting, I wallowed in self pity, self doubt, and unemployment. Thankfully, it didn't last long this time around, and I got a lot of sleep. Then, September happened and I got excited again. At first, it was weird because I thought that I had no real reason to be excited about the month of September. But, as I lay on my bed and thought about it more, there were actually a lot of things to look forward to. 

For starters, it's my mom's birthday month, and we get to shower her with gifts and make her feel even more special. Then, there's the start of the 2013-2014 TV season, which means that my favourite TV shows will be premiering new episodes soon. Not to mention, the bevy of new TV shows that I'll become a fan of. Gosh, I'm so excited that I can be a TV whore again! I can watch my shows weekly, fall in love with or hate the characters, get emotional, get sucked in, read recaps online, and comment on fan forums to either laud or complain about the latest episode. Oh joy, joy, joy! There are other things too, like the upcoming events with the Rotaract club, counting down to my 24th birthday next month, and the possibility of new opportunities presenting themselves. 

I'm anticipating a month of new blog posts, since I've had a couple of ideas brewing in this big head of mine. I'm yet to write about my amazing hike to the Turure Water Steps, over two weeks ago. I want to do a blog based on the whole #Throwback-Thursday phenomenon, and reminisce about the times I got in serious trouble with my parents. I intend to document my latest attempt at weight loss, and create a few lists based on my crazy observations and quirks. I can also count on a random post or two popping up on my page, whenever inspiration and I do our little dance. I really want to build my blog because I love writing, it's my creative outlet, and I enjoy sharing with those people that read and relate to what I write. It truly gives my life meaning. 

Basically, I have a pretty interesting month ahead, and I couldn't be more excited. Yay me!

Nicely put, artist lady! Succinct and to the point! (Source)
Until the next post! Chao!