Wednesday, 14 August 2013

7 Things I Miss About Living In Neiva, Colombia

Happy Anniversary! 

Hello blog-o-sphere! Today marks two months and a week since I've been home. Also, around this time last year, I started my job as an English Language Teaching Assistant in Neiva. It was an amazing year, one that I would never forget. Sometimes, I miss my life there and I find myself reminiscing about it all. In commemoration of my anniversary, I made a list- the title explains what the list is about. So, here goes!

7) Chorizo and potatoes was my preferred night time snack whenever I had a particularly tough day at the university, or when I was out partying/ drinking and the unexpected hunger pangs hit me at 3 in the morning. There was this little shop/ mini restaurant, operating from someone's home, pretty close to where I lived that would sell them. I would go there almost every night, which probably explains my weight gain during the second half of my trip.  

6) Redd's was my alcoholic beverage of choice. It's not as bitter as other beers, and has this sweet, yet tangy taste to it that I enjoy. A lot of people seem to think that it's a drink for girls, but I could really care less. 

5) Cholupa! In a blog post around this time last year, I spoke about my love for cholupa. And throughout the year, it never died. Words can't express how much I miss drinking a tall glass of cholupa juice with ice cubes on a hot day. So refreshing! If I ever visit Neiva again, it's one of the first things I'll have.

4) La Abuela or The Grandmother was the bar of choice for drinking after a day at the University. The day didn't matter, neither did the company. I enjoyed going there because it was a chance to hang out with the students, and on occasion, teachers, in a non academic setting. We would talk about all manner of things, and drink. Good times!

3) Random outings were usually done on Saturdays when myself and the other assistant would venture into town and explore. We would go down side streets, go into corner shops, and discover great places to buy clothes, souvenirs, and food, among other things. Then, there were the times when my phone would ring, and next thing I know, I'm off to the desert or a finca (farm) in the middle of nowhere.

2) Being a foreigner. It's funny that I wrote this, since I always whined about the unnecessary attention, stares, questions, and sometimes, mockery that I got when people found out that I was a foreigner. I mean, the first time I went to the shop where I lived, I was bombarded with all these personal questions about my life and work in Neiva. It was eerie! But, I miss that now. Gosh, I sound like an attention whore!

1) Friends. Those people that made my stay in Neiva much better are the ones I miss the most. They made sure that I always had something to do or look forward to. We did it all! We went out dancing. They invited me to their houses for lunch. They included me in their asados (BBQs), pizza nights, movie nights, birthday celebrations, and other plans. We hung out in the cafeteria, talking and laughing. We drank on Fridays at La Abuela. They got me a cake when I was leaving. They hosted the most awesome farewell party ever! They even visited my house one hour before I left for the terminal with gifts in hand. There was so much more. And I miss them, a lot!

Oh, I made a collage:

good people... good times!
I'm done reminiscing, and now I'm sad. It's comforting to know that all good things come to an end and memories never leave us. Until the next post!