Sunday, 4 May 2014

In Between Jobs

Just a fancy way of saying that I'm unemployed...

Hello, blog-o-sphere! About 7-months ago, I updated my Facebook status, announcing to the world that I was unemployed. I was frustrated and angry, and simply needed to vent a bit. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised when a job offer came my way the following day. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity as I needed a pay cheque and it’s not every day that your FB status lands you a job. Seemingly overnight, I became a Research Assistant, and the rest is history.

As of four days ago, my duties as such came to an end; the data had been analysed, information updated, collated and submitted, and the payment claim form signed. On the way home, I realised that the cheque I would receive in a week would be the last. Suddenly, the reality that I was going to be unemployed for God knows how long hit me. This should definitely be cause for concern, right?

For starters, I’m travelling to Suriname in June to attend the Rotaract District 7030 conference. Sure, I’ve already registered for the event, purchased my plane tickets, and put aside money for accommodation, but I still have T-shirts, a blazer, raw material for a costume, and a dashiki (don’t ask) to buy.

There’s the need for spending money as I want to see as much as I can, and I have no intention of being a sour, money-free, starving bum in Suriname. Plus, I need to purchase a bottle of Grenadian spice rum in Duty Free on my return. I'm worried that I may not have sufficient funds to get everything done. Or, God forbid, I'd have to prioritize and forego the rum.

The uncertainty as to when I’ll be employed again makes me nervous. Yes, there are two job offers on the table, but I’ve been waiting for an interview for the first since Carnival, and the second starts in September and depends on me being accepted to pursue my Masters (look out for a post on what it’s like waiting for word). “Will they call?”, “Will I be accepted?”, “What if it all comes to nothing?”, and “What will I do?” are just some of the questions going through my head.

Then, there are the numerous job applications I have floating around in ministries, the OJT sub-office in the Sangre Grande Bus Terminal, and the Guardian Newspaper Headquarters. I’ve heard nothing from any of them, and well, OJT is not exactly known for contacting you when you need a job. So, excuse me if I’m not fit to bursting with optimism at my odds.

Last time I was unemployed, I didn’t handle it so well. For the first few weeks, I was all blissful. I applied for jobs, and while I waited for a reply, I simply enjoyed lazing around. Eventually, my responsibility-free existence became a burden. I thought I had no purpose. I spent the days in the doldrums, since all the things I loved doing- reading, sleeping, and writing- lost their appeal. Let's just say that I’m not particularly excited about returning to such a dark place.

There they are: all the reasons I should be worried about being in between jobs. I should be spiralling out of control, gnawing my fingernails, and creating drama-filled, “what if?” scenarios in my head. I have every reason to, but strangely enough, the uncertainty and prospects of abject poverty are not that overwhelming.

I figure that I prepared myself mentally and financially for the inevitable. I mean, I knew that it was part-time position and would end in April. Furthermore, I did a good job, which has done wonders for my self esteem. I am hopeful for the future and ready to carpe diem the crap out of life.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this “I don’t make money an issue” attitude towards life. Having acquired close to $7000 for my second trip to Colombia, I am of the belief that there are many legal avenues to obtaining money. All you need is the proper mindset, a good support system, an idea, and an indomitable will. I have several money making ventures in mind, and am sure that, once I acquire the starting capital and stop procrastinating, they will become a reality.

The point of this post was to remind myself that, although I do have reason to worry and fret, all is not lost. Here's to life, and being in between jobs! 

Until the next post, folks!